Kutani porcelain popular with collectors

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Satsuma ware

Japanese Porcelain Marks Gotheborg. Nikko Nippon Nippon Jap. Height: 38 cm. Mark: Dai Nihon Satsuma Gyokusen zo. Meiji period, circa s. The typical Satsuma ware we most of the time comes into contact with is a yellowish earthenware usually decorated with a minute decoration with Japanese figures, expressive faces or detailed oriental landscapes, or sometimes embellished with vivid dragons in relief.

One of a set of three Satsuma pieces Japan. Japanese VaseJapanese Porcelain​Japanese PotteryFine PorcelainPorcelain VaseSatsuma VaseAntique.

You will find that the word left or right is followed by a japanese number. Once the Satsuma style was seen by the general public and became a popular look, the style was mass produced across the world usually in China and stamped with these sorts of markings. There were many masterpieces created during its heyday and several studios have created eternal fame for their names with these magnificent wares.

In the latter case I would probably not throw it away. Any help re origin of vase, date and or value will be much appreciated. Collectible Satsuma, dating from the midth century on, may be identified by its ornately decorated polychrome and gold designs on an ivory crackle-glazed ground. The typical Satsuma ware we most of the time comes into contact with is a yellowish earthenware usually decorated with a minute decoration with Japanese figures, expressive faces or detailed oriental landscapes, or sometimes embellished with vivid dragons in relief.

I often refer to a Kanji online system that allows you to build up the symbol piece by piece to make the word. Examples of satsuma markings and translations. These wares thus inspired a whole design movement in the West known as Japonism. The crest is always found at the top of the cartouche.

Pottery was made in Satsuma region

Japanese ceramic arts are legendary and refined; their aesthetics range from the wabi sabi earth pots used in traditional tea ceremonies to exquisitely glazed and painted vases. Satsuma pottery is one style that evolved over centuries to become a sophisticated gold-glazed, highly decorated form of pottery that was widely exported to America and Europe. It is a valuable collectible, with most existing pieces made during the later half of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th.

Satsuma ware is named for a region of Japan where numerous kilns were established in the late 16th century by Koran potters.

May 15, – Bowl, Kyoto Satsuma ware, Mark: Koshida. Bowl dated Kyoto

We use cookies to remember choices you make on functionality and personal features to enhance your experience to our site. By continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies. Please refer to our privacy and cookie policies for more information. Satsuma ware was first manufactured in when Lord Shimazu invited Kinkai, one of hundreds of Korean potters who had emigrated to Japan, to open a kiln in his Satsuma domain located in the far south of Kyushu. Throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and most likely well into the nineteenth century, the ceramics made in Satsuma were as different as it is possible to imagine from the minutely decorated pieces illustrated here, but local tradition relates that at some point a group of potters was sent to Kyoto to study the art of enameling.

The earliest known enameled Satsuma wares, probably dating from as late as the s, bear a passing resemblance to much earlier pieces produced in Kyoto, suggesting that there may indeed be some connection between the two. The Japanese displays at the Paris Exposition of included examples of what would later be called Satsuma ware. These were still relatively simple, but in the short space of eight years between and , when George Ashdown Audsley and James Lord Bowes published their lavish and monumental Keramic Art of Japan , something extraordinary happened: not only did the decorated wares become much more elaborate, but enameled Satsuma suddenly acquired a long and totally unsubstantiated history.

Audsley and Bowes were already aware that the longevity of Satsuma was being exaggerated but they still suggested that it might date back two and a half centuries, while in a London sale of ‘old Satsuma’ featured pieces supposedly made for presentation to the Pope in the sixteenth century! Not until the s was some semblance of chronological plausibility restored. The international popularity of Satsuma when it was exhibited at events such as the Vienna World Exposition encouraged potters from all over Japan to make their own versions of the ware, so that the word ‘Satsuma’ soon lost most of its geographical sense, although sometimes the bodies were still thrown and fired in Kyushu and then sent elsewhere for decoration.

Dating satsuma porcelain. Satsuma ware

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He set up a kiln in his village and started experimenting. The section have since then been greatly extended by a large number of contributing collectors. Kutani is a small ceramic producing village on the west coast of Japan near Komatsu. Feb 8, – I collect Japanese porcelain and earthenware. A very high quality piece has to be from a well listed artist. See more ideas about Kutani porcelain, Japanese porcelain, Porcelain. This is the area this particular pottery comes from.

Form is the broadest descriptor while type refines this general classification. It should be easy to compare your marking with the ones there. It was a kind gesture and I really appreciated that. Maybe someone here can help me.

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Any items left behind after the specified pick-up date or dates will be considered abandoned and will be forfeited unless Porcelain Green & White 10 3/4″ X 13 1​/2″ Fixture Satsuma Covered Ginger Peacock Jar 8 1/2″.

If a number looks like a date or a year, it is most likely a mold number. Since S. Early pottery marks. German pottery, which is why these are only tips and tricks. Sometimes there is a white wash on the bottom of these pieces. If you’re new to looking at pottery, any marks you find may seem cryptic and random. The full variety is overwhelming. Turn the piece over and inspect the bottom. T his mark is not as common.

If, like us, you have an interest in antiques and pottery, Pottery-English is the site for you. Mark 9 7,8 These marks are a few years later than 5 and 6. If at first you don’t succeed – use several different combinations of words Extra Help If Needed. Auction results are really hit and miss. Transfer printed found mostly on jugs C.


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bavarian porcelain makers marks The maker’s mark is unique to the names of Japanese porcelain and pottery makers such as Seto, Kutani, Satsuma, Kyoto, For a more probable date and value, you can consult porcelain marks books and​.

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Gorgeous Satsuma Vase How old? Value?

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