Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene confirms solo album release date

Earlier this spring, the ragtag group of Canadian indie-rock lifers and unapologetic idealists known as Broken Social Scene made their way from Toronto to Austin, Texas, to perform eight shows in less than one week. A stubborn sense of optimism has carried them through two decades of band drama, and it also helps explain why they were at South By Southwest, a music festival better known for introducing young hopefuls than welcoming graying veterans of the road. He admits that he had to be talked into making Hug of Thunder , which ended a seven-year dry spell between Broken Social Scene albums. We were unsure if we really needed to come back. For the EPs, it felt less urgent to get everyone on board. Broken Social Scene were on the road at the time, leaving little time for Drew to mourn the loss of his friend. Grief is a shadow that can live inside you a long time, and we need to understand that. I suggest that Broken Social Scene have succeeded because they offer fans a feeling of connection in a lonely world, and he seems to agree. Drew pours another small glass of wine.

Feist on the Unnamed Pain That Inspired ‘Pleasure’

He was born on Thursday, September 9, Is Kevin Drew married or single, who is he dating now and previously? They started dating in Kevin had at least 1 relationship in the past.

Drew had dated Haines; Haines had dated Shaw; Feist had dated Canning, and the band’s first album, ‘s Feel Good Lost, is a mostly.

Kevin Drew is on a technophobic tear. He pauses, perhaps thinking about how such a diatribe will look in print. But pretty much everything he does is too much. This is a band that has always thrived on a charming type of interconnected excess—more fanfares, more backwashed ballads, more ambient interludes, more anthems. Talking on the phone from his home in Toronto, Drew can sound like a 3 a.

Pitchfork: Around the time Broken Social Scene started out in the early s, would you ever have guessed the band would still be going 15 years later? Kevin Drew: No. People thought it was not going to work out from an ego perspective, but the reason it has comes down to the relationships: The dinners and birthdays and baby showers and weddings have kept coming.

If someone in the band gets married, does everyone need to be invited? Yes, it is. There were a few weddings where it got a little tense.

Broken Social Scene • Capital Ballroom • (Victoria, BC)

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Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew Has a Penis With “An Original Quality to it”

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Years Kaplan reports on drew founding member Kevin Drew explains dating indie-rock cornerstone back together. O ne night in May, on the west side of Toronto.

The Canadian singer who defined twee mid-noughties indie with is back with Pleasure, her first album in six years. But, she says, the fantasy of everlasting happiness is long gone. She was unhappy, so she made a decision: to take back control. Preoccupied with romantic disappointment, it crackles with lyrics about elation curdling into despair, and lovers suddenly exposed as hostile strangers.

After she was propelled into ubiquity by her single — which famously soundtracked an iPod advert — she became the ultimate manic pixie dream girl of indie pop, musical shorthand for everything that was breathily twee about the mid-noughties: in interviews she was vague and giddy, in videos she did whimsical dance routines. I ask whether she appreciates how evocative of the previous decade the likes of and Mushaboom sound now, but in true question-dodging style she responds with thoughts on my terminology.

Yet Feist is more enlightening when she eventually opens up about the themes of happiness and fulfilment that informed Pleasure. So the album in a way was me putting a pin in that pivot, this parallel positive and negative.

Kevin Drew

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Fun Fact: On the day of Kevin Drew’s birth, “(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty” by KC And The Sunshine Band was the number 1 song.

Shortly after the Canadian collective released their alternative-pop stunner Forgiveness Rock Record , the band went on the dreaded ” indefinite hiatus “, a phrase often associated with a group calling it quits. Just busy. Like most of Drew’s production work, guitars and pianos are laced with echo and reverb, giving an emotional setting for a song to build off of, and it’s this aesthetic that fans have come to know from all of Drew’s musical endeavors, which is why these crucial collaborations would eventually set Drew on the path back to getting the band back together for at least one more show, this time in the form of new album Hug of Thunder.

Some have called it a comeback, but others just view it as another stellar set of songs in a discography that has already produced more than one landmark indie rock LP. I got such a rush out of spending time with him because of who he was in my life and how much I had listened to all his music and his lyrics. It was during this time that Drew and another BSS collaborator, The Stills’ Dave Hamelin, started working with Downie on a solo album that ended up being released after the Hip’s Man Machine Poem , a record that while recorded prior to Downie’s terminal cancer diagnosis, nonetheless was imbued with a great sense of gravity after its release.

So it kind of went like Darlings and Andy were worked on at the same time, and then Gord came in and we did that record really quickly, so I had these three records that were surrounding that whole moment. Then, in the summer of , Gord said ‘I really want you to work on the Hip record. It was so educating being with him,” Drew beams, “and these are guys who pick you up and give you pep talks that people spend thousands of dollars hoping that they can hear.

To be around that energy, I said to Gord ‘We gotta do something. So that’s how that came about.

Broken Social Scene Are Back for Good

The co-founder and singer of defunct at least musically Toronto rock collective Broken Social Scene is quick to recount his past relationships with loving frustration and calm hindsight. This internal push and pull between love and apathy bleeds through his second solo album in seven years, Darlings. You got to continue dealing with your own shit.

I heard you once say you have issues with making decisions in life and music, has this always been an issue? When your band mates and friends start having kids and financial pressures grow stronger, you have to make a lot of decisions. But with Broken Social Scene, I started to lose the game because I wanted to play it safe, and playing it safe is not something I like doing.

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Gavin Haynes has free minutes but no friends. So each week we’re going to make him call a popstar. Right, so normally, this is a column where I ask popstars flippant questions about the make of their toaster and so on. But I’ve decided against that today. Because I’m feeling quite melancholy. You know, Jerry Garcia, had a great quote: there are days, and there are days in-between, and this is one of the days in-between.

Kevin Drew – You In Your Were

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